Is has been my surprise, that people only talks about talent leadership – how do we optimize the out come of the talents in our organizations in the short run?

How can you talk about talent management programs and what are the time perspectives of such program?

If you are analyzing the words it is some kind self contradictory.

Management: to do the things the right way:

Leadership: to do the right tings:

If you continue this analysis a talent management program is to improve the number of tools, that the talents have in their toolbox, when they meet.

But when you start a talent management program the organizations reject the responsibility of giving the talent: wisdom and insight in how to deal with the gift of having a talent.

Should the talent be used to its highest potential?

How do the talent and the organization make sure, that the talent can keep the energy for many years?

One could argue, that the talent management programs try to squeeze as much work and energy out of the talent a quick as possible with the risk that the talent might burn out. This goes for as long as the talent feels that it is in own interest of giving so much work and energy to the organization. But when his starts to feel abused is might come as a boomerang to the organization, when the talent leaves the organization and the money, energy and learned skills leaves the organization. The second possible outcome might be, that the talent simply burns out and the talent is lost to the organization.

There is a very big need to divide the programs into talent management and talent leadership to handle some of the questions which are mentioned above.